Real Eating Nutrition

Melbourne Dietitians

Melbourne Dietitans, Real Eating Nutrition, help empower clients to take control of their eating habits and build a healthy relationship with food. As the name suggest, we are all about REAL eating and REAL food. We know that there is so much more to food than just the nutrients it provides, and we acknowledge this when giving advice.

All nutrition advice is based on scientific evidence and is individually tailored to your lifestyle and revolves around the principles of being simple and easy to implement.

Dietitian / Nutrition Services

Weight Management

Diabetes Management

Hypertension and high cholesterol

Gastrointestinal health including IBS & the low FODMAP diet, coeliac disease, IBD and food allergies

Women’s health including poly cystic ovarian syndrome & nutrition for fertility, pregnancy and post-natal

Vegetarian and vegan diets


General healthy eating